• pups2

    Future Squirrel Hunters Are Here!

    The next generation of Gray’s Feist have arrived! Males & Females available. LEARN ABOUT THE PARENTS HERE (Click) Gray’s BlackJack Pershing x Gray’s Bandit Rose Gray’s BlackJack Pershing x Gray’s Purty Polly Taking deposits on these pups. We’re very excited about these crosses! These are outcrosses on our Gray line we’ve been developing since 2005 […]

  • Rose

    Big Things To Come in 2016-17 Season

    We have a sort of changing of the guard coming this season. Daisy is now 9 years old and beginning to slow down. Rose and Polly are coming on strong and will be the primary focus of our attention this squirrel season. Also, we are evaluating a new male to see if he will make […]

  • Caption1

    Squirrel Hunting

    The Mountain Feist is one of a small handful of breeds/types of dog considered squirrel hunting specialists. Many breeds of dog will tree a squirrel by sight on a suburban lawn or city park but true squirrel dogs can locate and tree wild squirrels in diverse conditions sometimes only using the scent drifting on the […]

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