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    2015-16 Season in Full Swing!

    People around the country hunting dogs from us are sending updates! From a pup’s first tree to tailgates full of squirrels. Hunting squirrels with a dog is fun for the whole family and really brings folks together. Recently, we had a good hunt over Gray’s Prairie Daisy with our good friend Cody Harmon in Washington […]

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    Squirrel Hunting

    The Mountain Feist is one of a small handful of breeds/types of dog considered squirrel hunting specialists. Many breeds of dog will tree a squirrel by sight on a suburban lawn or city park but true squirrel dogs can locate and tree wild squirrels in diverse conditions sometimes only using the scent drifting on the […]

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  • 2015 Gray’s Mountain Feist Round-Up

    We had a wonderful time and enjoyed great fellowship at Hilltop Berry Farm & Winery for what will hopefully be the first of many reunions for folks hunting Gray’s Mountain Feist. […]

    2014-2015 Season Highlights

      The proof is in the “squirrel gravy!” We’ve had a decent squirrel season despite squirrel numbers being relatively low. Above are SOME of our tailgate shots from THIS season. […]

    Productive Trip to Missouri

    Jess and I had some good hunts on family land in Missouri between in late December. We hunted for 5 days between us and were able to harvest 30 squirrels. […]

    Versatility is still important

    Over the past several decades, the Mountain Feist has undergone a transformation to become one of the most sought-after small game hunting dogs in the world, especially for squirrels. Historically, […]