• Missouri Department of Conservation Hunt

    In late December, we had the honor and privilege to hunt with Missouri’s Conservation Department. Jess and I (plus our kids) got together with the MDC Small Game Coordinator (David Hoover) and MDC Photographer (David Stonner). Also along on the hunt were our good friends Tom Dailey (National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative) and his grandson Austin […]

  • Future Squirrel Hunters Are Here!

    The next generation of Gray’s Feist have arrived! Males & Females available. LEARN ABOUT THE PARENTS HERE (Click) Gray’s BlackJack Pershing x Gray’s Bandit Rose Gray’s BlackJack Pershing x Gray’s Purty Polly Taking deposits on these pups. We’re very excited about these crosses! These are outcrosses on our Gray line we’ve been developing since 2005 […]

  • Big Things To Come in 2016-17 Season

    We have a sort of changing of the guard coming this season. Daisy is now 9 years old and beginning to slow down. Rose and Polly are coming on strong and will be the primary focus of our attention this squirrel season. Also, we are evaluating a new male to see if he will make […]

  • Squirrel Hunting

    The Mountain Feist is one of a small handful of breeds/types of dog considered squirrel hunting specialists. Many breeds of dog will tree a squirrel by sight on a suburban lawn or city park but true squirrel dogs can locate and tree wild squirrels in diverse conditions sometimes only using the scent drifting on the […]

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